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Chakra Low Down- The Crown Chakra

Balanced Yin and Yang energies within the Crown Chakra enable the individual to feel 'connected' to the bigger picture. Initially this may be through a form of religious or spiritual practice, or simply an acceptance of there being 'more to…

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Chakra Low Down – The Throat Chakra

An open and balanced Throat Chakra enables the individual to access their hopes and dreams and to express these through their 'being' Although including verbal talk and the articulation of emotions and feelings, the Throat Chakra's expression is much more…

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Chakra Low Down – The Heart Chakra

Balanced Yin Yang energies within the Heart Chakra brings the experience of being 'in the flow' of life. Having the feeling of optimism and hope regarding your life experiences and feeling able to embrace whatever the flow brings. Traditionally associated…

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Chakra Low Down – The Solar Plexus

Balanced Yin Yang in the Solar Plexus for increased confidence, personal power and self esteem. Traditionally associated with fire; an open and balanced Solar Plexus Chakra allows the individual to connect to their full power and potential. When congested the…

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Chakra Low Down – The Sacral

Balance Yin Tang within the Sacral for an improved sense of 'self' and an improved relationship both with yourself and others. Traditionally associated with Water - an open and balanced Sacral Chakra allows the individual to process emotions smoothly and…

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Chakra Low Down – The Base Chakra

Balance the Yin Yang in the Base Chakra for increased vitality, feelings of calm and well being and to strengthen the physical body. Traditionally associated with 'Earth'; a balanced and open Base Chakra allows for increased security within ones sense…

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