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Balanced Yin an Yang energies in the Brow Chakra enables the individual to intuit the next step on their path, or way forward for their life’s journey. Instinctively knowing which situations and experiences are the right ones to further their Soul growth and subsequent enrichment of their life experience.

Traditionally associated with Space, an open Brow Center enables the individual to tap into the Quantum to access ideas and to lay their plans of how to action these ideas into their third dimensional reality. In addition with Yang in balance, the individual has the energy and vitality with which to action these plans and to see them through to fruition.

The Brow Chakra is one of the controllers within the energy system which works in unison with the other Chakras to guide the individual through their life. Not surprisingly therefore one of its major functions within the physical body is regulation of the Pituitary Gland.

When congested the individual’s energy field becomes ever increasingly stagnant and blocked, and the individual increasingly experiences physical dysfunction and states of dis-ease. The individual often feels ever more isolated and alone as they experience life evermore as ‘separate’ from the Universal Flow.

In spiritual development often great prominence is given to the strengthening of the Brow Center but in truth in order to attain an enlightened state all of the Chakras need to strengthened and opened to allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the entire energy field and physical form. The Brow Chakra is traditionally associated with Clairvoyance or the ‘inner eye’  seeing or knowing. With an open Brow Center the individual is able to access this Quantum level of information,along with the insights and support and as such have the ability to draw on it for strength and guidance. Often associated as being the realm of the Angels and unconditional love and wisdom, the Brow Chakra gives access to this… not only be way of an external force and experience, but ultimately, through spiritual development, the knowing and acceptance of the’self’ as being this Oneness. In other words, therefore, experiencing self realisation and ascension.

Kay Arwen… enjoy the journey


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