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Balanced Yin and Yang energies within the Crown Chakra enable the individual to feel ‘connected’ to the bigger picture. Initially this may be through a form of religious or spiritual practice, or simply an acceptance of there being ‘more to life’ than a third dimensional existence.

As the Crown Chakra opens and becomes stronger (exercised in effect through KaiAmea Self Development, spiritual practice, meditation and mindfulness) the individual evolves and grows, perhaps still enjoying a religious practice but having the realisation that this is not essential in order to have a relationship or to experience the Divine.

In many spiritual traditions the Crown is  described as the thousand petal lotus flower- typifying the purity and beauty of the Soul and how it transcends the Maya or third dimensional reality (or muddy water in which the lotus flower has its roots) The Soul in effect, like the lotus flower, once it is grounded on Earth, can grow through encountering the heaviness and challenges of the 3D and ‘blossom’  to embrace the light. In other words, experience Enlightenment and Ascension.

More and more individuals are awakening and seeking change – their Soul, the sole controller of their destiny, calling out for answers, a way forward to self realisation, fulfillment, inner peace. Not always, but often, the ‘wake up call’  involves a trauma, an inner discontent, a deep feeling of being ‘stuck’ or a physical message from the body that something is amiss…  as it is often only when something is perceived as ‘wrong’ that the individual seeks answers or other avenues to explore.

…Once this is processed, and the Crown Chakra opens, the individual begins to experience Ascension and the deep feelings of Joy and Peace that this brings. An amazing but also a humbling experience complete with a deep sense of ‘belonging’. The individual is able to dance through their incarnate experience, totally in the flow or ‘at one’ with who they are and what they are able to express in relation to and as a part of the greater whole.

Representing wholeness the Crown is one of the Master controllers within the energy system and works in conjunction with the other chakras which when open allows the individual to optimise their health and well being. When congested the individual can feel very alone and disillusioned. Often their perceptions, habits and behaviours become ever more deep set which in turn can cause the systems of the physical body to accept states of tension and dis-ease…and begin to shut down. Feeling that the third dimension is ‘all there is’ often leads to the individual forming unhealthy attachments to the material world which can lead to issues of having to exert control in order to feel secure. Opening the Crown Chakra enables this fear and attachment to be released and the individual can experience lightness, hope, acceptance and recognise that they are more than a 3D body; rather they are a Soul, an expression or immortal light.

Kay Arwen ….. enjoy the journey x


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