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Balance the Yin Yang in the Base Chakra for increased vitality, feelings of calm and well being and to strengthen the physical body. Traditionally associated with ‘Earth’; a balanced and open Base Chakra allows for increased security within ones sense of self and feeling secure and ‘at one’ within your environment. Even when facing challenging situations and relationship dynamics, with an strong Base Chakra the individual is able to address these calmly and is able to ‘see’ the way forward.

The Base Chakra processes many systems and functions within the body and the sense that it is responsible for is smell. When congested the individual can experience issues with their olfactory system, kidneys, adrenal glands as well as skin and muscular disorders. In addition a blocked Base Chakra brings the experience of being ‘ungrounded’ resulting in nausea, light headedness, dizziness and feeling ‘spacey’

In the short term there will be no long term side effects or damage to the physical body, but long term energy blocks in the Base Chakra (as with all the chakras) results in a build up of pressure and tension within the physical body which can lead to more deep set issues and complaints – states of dis-ease – within the body. Therefore removing congestion or pressure from the energy system and the Base Chakra allows for the energy system and the physical body to return to a state of harmony and balance for optimum health and vitality; whether that be physically, emotionally or psychologically, the individual in effect ‘frees’ their body and mind, opening up for new levels of physical experience.

In my opinion an open and balanced Base Chakra is also of prime importance in spiritual development. Often overlooked as being simply – the Base – in reality this chakra (like ALL the other chakras) is fundamental to an individuals spiritual growth. The Base is fundamental in ‘earthing’ increased awareness into physical experience. It is all well and good increasing perception, tapping into latent potential and increasing extra-sensory perception (especially at the accelerated rate within KaiAmea Self Development)  but these heightened abilities have to be truly grounded in order for the individual to flourish and enjoy them to the full, so improving their life experience.               Kay Arwen …enjoy the journey x

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