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Balanced Yin Yang in the Solar Plexus for increased confidence, personal power and self esteem. Traditionally associated with fire; an open and balanced Solar Plexus Chakra allows the individual to connect to their full power and potential. When congested the individual feels rundown and withdrawn, feels stuck and lacks the energy and vitality to meet life’s challenges. In addition rather than embracing new opportunities for greater levels of happiness and fulfillment the individual may shrink back, lacking confidence in their decision making and in their ability to see things through to fruition.

The Solar Plexus works to retain balance and health within all the systems of the body, in particular the pancreas. It processes the physical sense of sight and strengthening the solar plexus can improve allergies and complaints of the eyes.

Throughout childhood the individual consciously and unconsciously ‘learns’ perceptions and beliefs that relate to their confidence, ability and self esteem. These quite literally impact their behaviour and subsequent experiences within their lives. Clearing the Solar Plexus of these limiting beliefs and perceptions quite literally strengthens and empowers the individual and impacts their subsequent life experience and relationships.

The Solar Plexus is also the primary chakra for processing thoughts and mental processes. So again strengthening this chakra aids with mental clarity and focus as well as a reduction in stress and anxiety. This is the chakra to get open for those about to take examinations or about to face a challenging situation!

In spiritual development this is the chakra to open and balance if you wish to perceive auras, elementals, faeries and guides in all their forms. Many find this a challenge due to the fact that it is also the chakra responsible for ‘thought’ of which the human being has so many! Thoughts are a fast and frequent energy – a constant fuzz within the aura – however balancing thought is possible and once the Solar Plexus is in a state of harmony thoughts can be observed, mastered and used constructively, rather than reeking havoc within the energy field, physical body (as stress and anxiety) and mind.

Kay Arwen…enjoy the journey


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