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Balanced Yin Yang energies within the Heart Chakra brings the experience of being ‘in the flow’ of life. Having the feeling of optimism and hope regarding your life experiences and feeling able to embrace whatever the flow brings.

Traditionally associated with air, an open and balanced Heart Center enables the individual to be expansive and to experience feelings of deep calm and peace.

When congested, the individual can be overwhelmed with feelings of despair, disillusionment and sorrow. Taking on the perception that life ‘simply isn’t like that…’ and turning away from hope and the dreams that they had as a child. Discarding these as ‘childhood fantasy’ rather than the whisperings of the Soul, and subsequently sinking into the rigid routine of’norm.’ The individual becomes disassociated from their core authentic self and sense of ‘being’ who seeks to embody all the facets of themselves within their incarnate being, instead becoming a human ‘doing.’

‘…as a child enter the Kingdom of Heaven…’ not as a naive child, but as a human being of any age who embodies and expresses the ‘wow’ regarding life. Wow being – the simple joys, those awesome moments that bring you totally connected to Earth and the flow of her energies… the sunlight reflected on the surface of a lake, glistening raindrops on a leaf, a sunset, the smile on the face of the one you love… moments when the wonder of life simply blows you away. Rather than these be isolated incidents, an open Heart Center brings with it mindfulness and awareness, whereby connection to these ‘moments becomes an approach to life. The individual literally experiences ever more of these and in effect their life becomes a stream of enriching experiences.

The Heart center can become congested through learnt perceptions, habits and behaviours whereby the individual has learnt ‘lack’ as a part of life. It is also the center where grief is stored and clearing this Chakra enables the individual to open to the flow of life’s cycles and to release fear and tension relating to passing and death. Loved ones will always be missed, they are not here to be held physically, but with an open Heart Chakra a person is able to grieve, release all trauma, insecurity and fear and feel totally connected to and able to communicate with, the energy of loved ones who have passed away. As such, potentially feel in the flow of life and its journey and supported rather than isolated, in pain and alone.

The Heart Chakra effects physical systems of the body as well as emotional and mental resilience and well being. The physical sense it is responsible for is touch and no surprise therefore the extra sensory perception it processes is ‘feeling’ or clair-sentience.

In spiritual development this center is important for love and self acceptance. Whereby the individual can embrace their entire being – the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ – recognising  in truth that all of the self is essential to their ‘being’…and being a ‘human being’  is having the ability to accept unconditionally the wholeness of our minds, emotions and physical form. Owning responsibility for these enables the individual to ‘grow’ spiritually, balancing and harmonising the body, emotions and mind to become the master of their own destiny, the Soul controller of their life experience.

Kay Arwen… enjoy the journey



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