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An open and balanced Throat Chakra enables the individual to access their hopes and dreams and to express these through their ‘being’

Although including verbal talk and the articulation of emotions and feelings, the Throat Chakra’s expression is much more expansive, including body posture, hobbies, the clothes an individual wears, how the individual interacts within their external environment and in addition the individual’s ability to adapt to different situations and experiences that their life brings.

Traditionally associated with Ether, the edge of third dimensional experience, the Throat Center literally incorporates the expression of core authenticity. Working in conjunction with the other Chakras, that when open, allow the individual to stand in their own self awareness, to act mindfully in all situations and to express their being confidently and securely, totally in touch with who they are. As such the core authentic self is expressed and this in turn ensures that the individual is able to create in their lives the relationships and the environments that reflect and support this authenticity, which leads to the individual feeling fulfilled and enriched by what their life offers.

When congested the individual feels fearful, dis -empowered and tries to ‘fit’ in with socio cultural expectation and projection, even if this leaves them feeling restricted and confined. With restricted expression of ‘self’ the individual tries to hide, or alternatively can try to exert control over situations in which they feel they are floundering. In general the individual can experience extreme swings in emotional states from despair to frustration and anger as they increasingly feel disconnected from themselves at at the mercy of life’s challenges.

The Throat Chakra works to balance all the systems of the physical body, in particular the ears, throat and thyroid gland. In our ‘modern’ society where perception beliefs and habits have become so ill observed and mind-less it is easy to understand why so many individuals struggle to access and express their true selves. Rather than seeking to express their core self, many instead try to fit into images and boxes created by the media, socio-cultural influences and their own learnt perceptions and often limiting beliefs regarding their own power and capability.

Opening the Throat Chakra enables the individual to connect to their creativity and perception and to reconnect to the joy of life, still being able to play the game of third dimensional life, but in addition to feel light and alive, have fun, embrace all of who they are and as such experience life as an individual ‘being’ rather than an individual ‘doing.’

Kay Arwen    ….enjoy the journey


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