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Balance Yin Tang within the Sacral for an improved sense of ‘self’ and an improved relationship both with yourself and others. Traditionally associated with Water – an open and balanced Sacral Chakra allows the individual to process emotions smoothly and effectively without getting ‘stuck’ in emotional drama. The individual is able to observe the tide of emotion and ‘ride its wave’ rather than feeling like they are drowning and overwhelmed by emotional experiences.

In my opinion the most important relationship the individual has is the relationship with themselves as this impacts all other relationship dynamics. Individuals with a poor relationship/opinion of themselves often find it a challenge to form healthy boundaries, can easily get ‘lost’ in the emotional dramas of others and are those most likely to be susceptible to manipulation and abuse from others. Strengthening the Sacral; releasing old outmoded beliefs and perceptions relating to ‘self’ can quite literally change an individuals life experience.

Physically the Sacral processes the impacts all the systems of the body but perhaps most significantly the Bladder, Stomach and sense of taste. Balancing the Sacral therefore allows for the physical body to harmonise and processing blocked energy form the Sacral allows for the physical body to stabilise at its perfect weight. Although this is different for different body types – clearing the Sacral is the prime starting point for those wishing to ‘let go’ of excess weight and move forward from eating disorders.

The Sacral Chakra is also responsible for processing sexuality and Creativity. Strengthening this Chakra therefore enhances both sexual and creative expression. It also allows the individual to experience being ‘in the flow’ of there lives; open to and enjoying the ever changing dynamics of life.      Kay Arwen…enjoy the journey x

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