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Compromise within a relationship must be a pleasure when two souls are working together – going in the same direction…

Have to be honest – I can only imagine what that must be like, personally having only ever experienced the other ‘compromise’ – whereby you allow yourself to be squashed to ‘fit’ – not letting on how intelligent you are…how perceptive…or showing your truth authentic self for one reason or another. And then ending up the faery with clipped wings dancing around the hedge – on the boundary – not quite ‘in’ but not ‘out’ either.

Doesn’t work that sort of compromise…the hedge is often made of thorn – and hurts your feet and who ever it is the hedge surrounds, well they don’t ‘see’ compromise and ironically often end up resenting what they perceive as your free spirit. You become a danger…a threat to their status quo – ends up in disaster…

Could be a cynic – do I really believe that is all love is? No of course not – quite the opposite . I am a hopeless romantic and believe in the classic example of Tony & Maria, Romeo & Juliette (preferably without the tragedy) or Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. I have seen glimmers of this – came across a photo an adoring husband had taken of his pregnant wife yesterday – taken with so much love it made your soul sing – (one very lucky lady) Or people walking together by the river or in the forest – some laughing, some saying nothing, but you can feel their connection.

You can observe many things…you can also see those that are crushed, squashed and battered too – and your heart feels for them. You can sense their fear and vulnerability and walk by sending those individuals courage and the strength to seek change…

But its not easy hey…but it does depend on whether you dim your light to ‘fit’ (I tried that…it hurts…refuse to do that now) Or whether you stretch out your wings and be yourself… A beautiful friend summed it up perfectly…’dont dim your light just because it is shining in another person’s eyes…’   Perfect.      Enjoy the journey x

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