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One to one

If you are seeking to

  • self develop
  • raise your perception of energy
  • understand the dynamics of your life

The first advisable port of call is a KaiAmea Therapy session

One day workshops

Kay delivers a series of one day workshops which emphasise the KaiAmea approach to otherwise traditional self development paths. The workshops are open to everyone interested in exploring the energy system and learning self help skills.

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Self development system

Many of Kay’s clientele, having experienced the benefits of KaiAmea Therapy Sessions, want to learn more.

KaiAmea embodies a progressive self development programme which offers:

  • A journey of Self Discovery…
  • Tools and skills to aid you in addressing your own fears and limitations
  • Tools and skills to aid you in balancing your emotions and reduce stress
  • Structure and support as you evolve and discover your own potential
  • Rapid shifts in consciousness and self awareness

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