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Unique complementary therapy

Pathway to self discovery

Empowerment & raised awareness

Are you seeking more out of life? Searching for ‘something’ but don’t know what?
At a cross roads, discontented, dissatisfied? Want to discover all you were born to be?
It’s not impossible… others have done it… so can you.




'What does KaiAmea mean to me? From the first lesson you are instructed into the wonder of your own energy field. The attunements connect you and the symbols become your own tool box to use successfully on yourself, others, animals, trees...the list is endless! Kay delivers the teaching in a knowledgeable and understanding way, no question goes unanswered. The manuals are treasured gifts too...I hope to continue learning and practicing KaiAmea forever!
I use KaiAmea everyday. - It gives me a deeper understanding of the world and also the tools to evolve within it. It has empowered so many areas of my life...'
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