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Ever wondered what you’re really capable of?

  • Connect to your 7 sensory perceptions & Unlock your magic & miracles.
  • Rapid increase in consciousness & structured path to ascension
  • Step out of the ego program
  • Complete freedom from limitation, fear and anxiety.
  • Restructure your D.N.A and learn to self heal.
  • Stand in your sovereign power
  • Discovery and creation of your soul purpose
  • Align and realise your full power as a multi dimensional being, whilst being fully embodied and grounded within third dimensional reality.
  • Channel Quantum KaiAmea healing.

KaiAmea Gateway is a 9 module energy attunement program that embodies light code activations. These align and hold the chakra system and energy field in higher dimensions of Source energy and support the energy system as it assimilates and fully embodies these higher energy frequencies.

Each module begins with an activation, then gives you light codes, techniques and visualisations in the form of a manual to help you fully integrate each level of energy into your being.

In addition there will be multiple one-on-one sessions with Kay Arwen throughout each module in which you will be taught further techniques and healing expertise. These will also serve as a place for you to get support with any blocks you may encounter on your journey or questions you may have.

KaiAmea Gateway can be undertaken by anyone with previous energy attunements into Reiki or a similar energy system. The First module of KaiAmea being a progression from a Reiki master level for example. However for those with no previous energy attunements there is the opportunity to start their journey with the KaiAmea Gateway Introduction. See below for more details about this and the other modules

For more details on the courses and content please contact Kay @ The KaiAmea School.



KaiAmea Gateway Introduction: Module 0

For those with no previous experience of energy work, this course encompasses an attunement which embodies all levels of Reiki and an introductory activation to the KaiAmea ascension path. It offers a platform for future development and in itself brings a rapid shift in consciousness. It enables you to tap more fully into what lies within you that is seeking to emerge as your soul purpose and soul abilities. In addition it encompasses an intensive introduction to working with energy within the human aura as a healing modality.

KaiAmea is a progressive energy ascension system and offers attunement into high dimensions of light. It is therefore a requirement for modules to be taken a minimum of three months apart to allow the energy filed to fully assimilate the energy shifts that these attunements bring before taking on the next frequency.

fireandice fire

Level One- The Fire Gate: Modules 1 – 3 

The Archangels, Ascended beings and the Elemental realm brings forth the energy of the dragons within these three activations that work with the divine masculine principle to transmute blocked energy and align the energy field fully in Source. The emphasis is on breaking through restrictions of fear and limitation from the ego, unraveling your purpose and enhancing your unique gifts.

Each module is taken as a separate course and involves an energy attunement into that frequency of energy and each has its own accompanying energy techniques which although comprehensive in their own right, also build, as additional modules are taken, to become the techniques for delivery of KaiAmea energy therapy.

With the divine masculine principle holding the space, the divine feminine is given the opportunity to emerge allowing for inner gifts and abilities to flourish and these three modules deepen connections to other dimensions at a conscious level.

Ancestry, past life and multi dimensional experiences are explored and unraveled.

fireandice ice

Level Two- The Water Gate: Modules 4 – 6

The activations within these three modules work with the Elementals and the Divine Feminine Principle. The emphasis is on connection to Mother Earth and working with the Elementals to understanding and fully align with Yin energy. Its relating element is Water.

Experiencing your true self as a multi dimensional being is enhanced. Acute perception and intuition, creativity and creative expression and your purpose becomes clear. These modules also offer exploration other extra sensory perceptions and how to expand your abilities.

Each module is taken as a separate course and involves an energy attunement into that frequency of energy and each has its own accompanying energy techniques which build on those learnt within the first three modules of the KaiAmea energy system.


Level Three- The Star Gate: Modules 7 – 9

Standing fully aligned with the divine feminine and divine masculine principles we now truly go into the cosmos! These activations align the highest dimensions within you. Emphasis within these modules is working with the Merkaba, energy portals and orbs to increase awareness and raise consciousness to galactic levels and how to exist as a multi dimensional being fully connected to the infinite field of Source whilst still living on Earth and translating your awareness into your purpose and creating an impact. Also includes exploration of multi dimensional reality, collapsing time and working with Planetary awareness.

Each module is taken as a separate course and involves an energy attunement into that frequency of energy and each has its own accompanying energy techniques which build on those learnt within the previous modules of the KaiAmea energy system.


Attune to the rhythm of Earth… attune to the rhythm of yourself…

KaiAmea Crystal & Floral Therapy?
This course is for those who love crystals and the elementals and who want to work more closely with the faery realm.

What is it?
The KaiAmea Crystal and Floral Therapy course combines traditional with new and innovative ways of working with the consciousness of crystals, wood and flowers.

For more details contact Kay at the KaiAmea School 

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