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Workshops with Kay Arwen 

In addition to the KaiAmea Gateway Program, Kay delivers a series of workshops which demonstrate the KaiAmea approach to otherwise traditional self development paths. The workshops are open to everyone interested in exploring the energy system and learning how KaiAmea weaves these traditional pathways together.

‘I recommend KaiAmea to everyone. People search for missing links in their life and say that there must be more to life than this? I did. KaiAmea offers so many courses and bite sized tools to help you help yourself. Everyone deserves KaiAmea to enrich their lives and understand themselves…’
Lucia – Dorchester

Where are the workshops held?

These workshops are currently limited to those that can be delivered through Zoom. Please contact Kay for details.


  • Working with Colour, Sound & Light Language
  • Meditation, astral travelling & remote viewing
  • Understanding and working with Dragons & Crystal consciousness.
  • Working with Nature’s rhythm & the faery realm
  • Understanding and working with Sacred Geometry mandalas for increased awareness.
  • Art Therapy
  • Working with the elementals, unravelling your ancestry and past lives.
  • KaiAmea Laughter Yoga (read more)
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