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  • An advanced 9 module energy ascension program encoded in light that builds from the Reiki healing system. It was channelled from Source, the Archangels, Dragons and the Elemental realm in 1998.
  • A pathway to fully embodying the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine Principles and aligning yourself with the infinite field to expand your consciousness & fully embody your soul within the 3D realm and unravel and live your true soul purpose.
  • Provides a pathway to unlocking your 7D sensory perception, magic & ability to manifest miracles.
  • KaiAmea energy activation opens you to channel KaiAmea Quantum healing as a therapy.


  • The KaiAmea School was founded in 1999 by Kay Arwen
  • KaiAmea healing therapy was accredited by the Open College Network in 2005
  • KaiAmea School was accredited as a Professional School operating to National Occupational Standards
  • KaiAmea healing therapy by the CThA and the BCMA


KaiAmea is the creation of Kay Arwen M.Ed (Masters in Education) M.D.E. following extensive research into Spirituality and traditional healing modalities. It is a recollection of the teaching that she used to deliver in Atlantis and information downloaded from the elemental and higher dimensional realms…


…Kay knew there was more to be discovered, that the theories surrounding the Human Energy and Chakra System were open for redefining and that they were key in opening humanity to their 7D perceptions and reclaiming its true sovereignty

Birth of KaiAmea

…In 1998 Kay channelled the light code attunement activations for the discipline that was to become KaiAmea, a 9 module progressive ascension pathway and a quantum healing therapy.

Who benefits?

Over the last 20+ years Kay has given one on one and group sessions throughout the UK which have supported clients in rapidly raising their vibration and consciousness, discovering and realising their true soul purpose and tapping into their 7 sensory perceptions leading to them manifesting miraculous change in their lives.

What can it do for me?

  • Connect to your 7 sensory perceptions & Unlock your magic & miracles.
  • Rapid increase in consciousness & path to ascension.
  • Step out of the ego program.
  • Freedom from limitation and fear.
  • Restructure your D.N.A, finding your inner peace.
  • Stand in your sovereign power.
  • Discovery and creation of your soul purpose.
  • Align and realise your multi dimensional self whilst being fully embodied and grounded within the 3D.
  • Channel Quantum KaiAmea healing.

What is it?

  • A 9 module light coding energy activation ascension program which realigns the aura and the chakra system fully to the divine feminine and divine masculine principles of Source.
  • Connects you to your 7 sensory perceptions & Unlocks your magic and ability to manifest miracles.
  • Attunes you to channel KaiAmea quantum healing giving you the capability to help others.

’Learning to Live’ for children

Once having established KaiAmea for adults, Kay began to develop her material for children.

Having children of her own and being more directly involved with the challenges that they can face made Kay more determined get her material out to children and provide them with tools and strategies that they could use to help themselves. She realised that there was an avenue into mainstream schools through PHSCE & SEAL and KaiAmea Learning To Live was born.

Visit our sister site to find out more.

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