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KaiAmea Healing Therapy

What is it?

  1. The energy healing that is encompassed within the KaiAmea energy activation ascension program.
  2. KaiAmea healing aligns the mind, body and spirit and enhances all other healing modalities.
  3. Includes channelled light language energy symbols that manifest miracles.

What does KaiAmea healing do?

The following provides some common experiences of Kay’s clients:

  • Unlocking their soul purpose
  • Increased awareness and intuition
  • Breaking through thresholds
  • Clarity for positive life change
  • Breaking free from fear
  • Align their sovereign power and gain confidence and self esteem
  • Discovering their soul relationships

KaiAmea Crystal and Floral Therapy

KaiAmea Crystal & Floral Therapy is another therapy developed by Kay Arwen. It combines traditional crystal therapy, her own discoveries of the human energy field and channelled energy techniques from the elemental realm using the vibration of flowers.

Resonance Therapy

An intense energy session that helps to remove deep set emotional blocks and programming that are preventing clients from experiencing life to its full potential

KaiAmea Inner Child Work and Regression

An energy session geared to aiding the client recognise and release past experiences and traumas which have resulted in restrictive behaviour patterns and limiting perceptions.

Aura Interpretation

A study of your own energy field and the interpretation of its colours. Provides insight into your life and how you can become more complete and in balance…

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Zoom consultations

For a personal, one-to-one Zoom consultation, please get in touch.

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