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What is Laughter Yoga?

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ It has been scientifically proven that laughter has a positive chemical effect on the physical body as well as improving a person’s emotional and mental state of being. ‘Fake’ laughter has the same effects on the body as ‘genuine’ laughter. Laughter yoga uses techniques to induce laughter which ultimately result in the individual experiencing spontaneous laughter. In effect laughter yoga makes you laugh, even if you were initially feeling stressed or unhappy.

This does not mean that you are ‘entertained’ in a Laughter workshop. To the contrary Laughter yoga is about each individual and the group as a whole reaching through any inhibition and all laughing together.

How is KaiAmea Laughter Yoga different?

KaiAmea is different from traditional Laughter Yoga in that the techniques are specifically written for the KaiAmea School. KaiAmea Laughter Yoga Sessions are specifically written for each age group and all ages, children to adults. The format of group sessions follow a similar pattern but each session is tailored depending on the interests/work of group members.

Who benefits?

All ages can benefit with laughter yoga. However it is a proven fact that adults on the whole laugh a lot less frequently that children. Therefore adults perhaps have more reservations about initially trying laughter yoga whereas children on the whole are initially more comfortable with laughter yoga. This soon changes though once adults feel the benefit!

For adults

KaiAmea Laughter Yoga is specifically written for each group. The format of group sessions follows a similar pattern but each session is tailored depending on the interests/work of group members Laughter and more importantly shared laughter within a group is a fantastic way to build bonds within a group and team build. The benefits of a positive shared experience are endless and when done on a regular basis team members become less stressed, more positive and can experience and enjoy the benefits of positive working dynamics.

For children

Children also experience stress and waves of emotion that perhaps they are unfamiliar with or don’t know what to ‘do’ with. Long term this can result in anti-social behaviour patterns or a child that is generally unhappy. Laughter Yoga can help children release pent up tension and emotions allowing them to reconnect to their sense of fun and feelings of happiness.

For schools

KaiAmea Laughter Yoga for schools has a different format in that it is part of ‘KaiAmea Learning To Live’ A self development program especially designed for children, that fulfils PHSCE and SEAL criteria. The KaiAmea Learning To Live Program is delivered over a series of hourly lessons or as half day workshops which:

  • Bring to life the values within PHSCE and SEAL
  • Provide children with ‘hands on’ exploration into the values
  • Provide children with ‘self help tools’ ; strategies to manage their own emotions

The KaiAmea Learning To Live Program provides a complete ‘loop.’ After exploring emotions and feelings, children have the benefit of releasing any negative emotion they may have connected or identified with, through laughter yoga. In addition Laughter Yoga and shared laughter with their

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